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Half a burnt face
Old maid, with one eye
Young maid, has a thing for Ben
Homicidal teenager
Kooky neighbour
She just wanted to be a pretty girl
The deformed boy in the attic of the Harmons house
Troubled teenager, daughter of a therapist
She lost a baby, and got pregnant with twins
Had an affair with a patient, theraptist
His wife got abducted by aliens, he was emitted to Briarcliff
Killed her family using an axe
Homosexual news reporter
Devil, sister at Briarcliff
Alcoholic, sister at Briarcliff
Former Nazi, doctor at Briarcliff
Psychiatrist at Briarcliff, makes skin lamps
Nymphomanic, gets turned into an experiment
Monsignor at Briarcliff
The inmates' favourite staff member
Kills people using sex
Former actress, hates people opinions
She thinks she is the next supreme
Voodoo doll at Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies
Lost her eyes, multiple times
Current supreme, dying of cancer
Leader of the council, burnt at stake twice
Frat boy, killed when Madison flips the bus
Fangirl of Stevie Nicks, brings people back aliver
Voodoo queen, works in hair salon
Lobster boy
Ring leader
Pinhead duo
Strong man
Tallest woman
Smallest woman
Seal boy
Lizard girl
Killer clown
Homicidal rich boy
Hotel builder, and mass murderer
Hotel receptionist
Receptionist's son, and vampire
Vampire and Donovan's lover
Detective, 10 commandments killer
Doctor, detective's wife
Abducted child, vampire
Detective and doctor's daughter
Fashion model
New Cortez owner
Star of the show (female)
Star of the show (male)
Thinks she is the butcher
TV show host
British woman
Matt reenactor
Matt's sister
Reenactor of Lee
Lee's daughter
Audrey's lover

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