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Can you name the structures passing through foramen of the skull

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ForamenAnswerCranial Fossa
supraorbital notch
Hypoglossal canalPosterior
Stylomastoid foramenPosterior
Haitus for lesser petrosal nerveMiddle
Olfactory ForaminaAnterior
Foramen CecumAnterior
infraorbital foramen
Foramen OvaleMiddle
Jugular foramenPosterior
Optic CanalMiddle
Carotid canalMiddle
Foramen vesaliusMiddle
ForamenAnswerCranial Fossa
Foramen SpinosumMiddle
Mastoid canaliculus
Condylar CanalPosterior
Mastoid foramenPosterior
Hiatus for Greater petrosal nerveMiddle
Inferior orbital fissureAnterior
Foramen lacerumMiddle
pterygopalatine fossaMiddle
Foramen rotundumMiddle
Superior orbital fissureMiddle
Internal Accoustic MeatusPosterior
Foramen MagnumPosterior

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