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QUIZ: Can you name the Prince lyrics? No album tracks, but Prince sings on them all!?

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Green virgin teenager
Everybody said that we should never part
Let's do something frightning
It took both hands and a lot of hours
Even the president flies in
Over miles and miles of deep blue
I want you in the worst way
Why am I the one that never gets to take you home?
Who's it gonna be tonight?
Yackety Yack my ass, Motherf****r!
The notion of the ocean sailing under me
I'm sweating girl, it's all because of U
Testicles, 1,2...
Really really hated my yellow pants
Jack be nimble, you're doing it see.
I just want your creamy thighs
I'm equipt with a whip
Here I sit in my lonely room
That's ok, you keep 'em. He won't be needing them tonight
Sing like an angel, know no shame
I'm Harder Than A Heart Attack
Need Some Comptetition, Aint No Other
Don't touch that radio
Of all the People In The World
Tell me what's on your mind.
That don't make anybody more or less as good as U
I'll drink u like a 40 in an alcoholic's hand
We'll dance on the roof, make love on a bed of flowers
The only reason to say my name is to get your 15 secs of fame
Oh no baby my love isn't blind

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