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God of skies and thunder, King of the gods
Goddess of marriage and women, Queen of the gods
Goddess of the hearth, home, and domesticated life
Goddess of grain, the harvest, agriculture
God of the seas and earthquakes
God of the Underworld and the dead
Goddess of love, sex and beauty
Goddess of wisdom, battle strategy, and craft
God of chaotic war and bloodshed
God of fire and smithing, blacksmith of the gods
God of music, healing, poetry, and prophecy
Goddess of the hunt, the wild, eternal maiden
God of commerce, travel and thieves, messenger
God of wine and madness
Goddess of spring, Queen of the Underworld
Winged God of love and lust
Goddess of victory
Goddess of anger and revenge
Goddess of rainbows, secondary messenger
God of the 4 winds
God of sleep
God of dreams
Black winged God of death
Poseidon's messenger
Goddess of discord and strife
Goddess of witchcraft, spirits and crossroads
Titan God of the sun
Titaness goddess of the moon
Titaness goddess of the dawn
God of fear
God of terror
Satyr God of nature
The North wind
The West wind
The South wind
The East wind
Goddess of youth
Goddess of luck and fortune
Goddess of good health
Titan King, ruler of time
Titaness queen, Titaness of motherhood
Titaness protector of the young
Titan of the seas
Titan of mortality
Titaness of memory, mother of the muses
Titaness of the seas
Titaness of glory
Titaness of prophecy
Titaness of law
Titan of light
Titan of intelligence
Titan of constellations
Forsaken Titan of endurance
Titan of forethought, benefactor of mankind
Titan of afterthought, husband of Pandora
Primordial goddess of the earth
Primordial God of the sky
Primordial God of the seas
Sea nymph goddess of water, mother of Achilles
Primordial goddess of the night
Primordial goddess of the day
Primordial God of darkness
Dark cesspool from which existence sprung
Primordial God of air and heavens
Primordial goddess of inevitability
Deified mortal-God of homosexual love
Goddess of harmony
The nine goddesses of the arts

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