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Can you name the 25 American Military Interventions?

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Massacre of Native American Tribe
Desert Storm
Communist rise to power in North Vietnam
U.S. operation ending in bloody standoff (Black Hawk Down)
Troops sent to arrest Manuel Noriega in 1989
Sent to__________ after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait
Japanese attack on American Navy in Hawaii
War between France and Britain (1812)
War with battle at Alamo
War in which Adolf Hitler's regime tried to exterminate the Jewish people
War started with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Major battle in pacific theater after Pearl Harbor
After 9/11 looking for Al-Queda
North Korea backed by China against South backed by U.S.
U.S. colonies rebellion against England
War with American colonies and British fighting against French and Native Americans
War in U.S. North v.s South
Soviet Union supplied missiles to Cuba
Farmers rebelled against tax on whiskey
War on Terror in _______2003-2011
U.S. pilots dropped supplies to the East side of the Berlin Wall
Daniel Shay led rebels against U.S.taxes
U.S. troops sent to liberate Philippines
Last battle in Revolutionary War
U.S. Invasion of Europe during WW11 (Normandy)

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