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Can you name the people in the Book of Mormon?

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Verse TextPerson Referenced
Yea, verily, verily I say unto you, if all men had been, and were, and ever would be, like unto _____, behold, the very powers of hell would have been shaken forever
And now I … being a man large in stature, and also having received much strength of the Lord, therefore I did seize upon the servant … and held him, that he should not flee.
Even as this scalp has fallen to the earth, which is the scalp of your chief …
I … write what few things I write, in the same book with my brother; for behold, I saw the last which he wrote … and he wrote it in the day that he delivered them unto me
And it came to pass that _____ stole privily into the tent of the king, and put a javelin to his heart; and he did cause the death of the king immediately
When ye are about twenty and four years old … go up to the land Antum, unto a hill which shall be called Shim; and there have I deposited unto the Lord all the sacred engravings
If thou shalt deny again, behold God shall smite thee, that thou shalt become dumb … that thou shalt not deceive this people any more.
And their leader … was taken and hanged upon a tree, yea, even upon the top thereof until he was dead. And when they had hanged him until he was dead they did fell the tree
They had all fallen to the earth, save it were one of the Lamanitish women … she having been converted unto the Lord for many years
For there was one … who was exceedingly expert in many words, and also in his craft, to carry on the secret work of murder and of robbery; therefore he became the leader
Verse TextPerson Referenced
Behold I went to hunt beasts in the forests; and the words which I had often heard my father speak concerning eternal life, and the joy of the saints, sunk deep into my heart.
He has wherewith that he can look, and translate all records that are of ancient date … And behold, the king of the people who are in the land of Zarahemla is the man
Thou are not only guilty of priestcraft, but hast endeavored to enforce it by the sword … they carried him upon the top of the hill … and there he suffered an ignominious death
He being a strong man and an enemy to the king, therefore he drew his sword, and swore in his wrath that he would slay the king. And … the king … ran and got upon the tower
His mind also was exceedingly sore because of his iniquities; and when he saw them … he besought them that they would heal him … and Alma baptized _____ unto the Lord
He should only live to see the fulfilling of the prophesies which had been spoken concerning another people receiving the land … and _____ should receive a burial by them
_____ came among them in disguise, that they knew him not, and began to prophesy … they have hardened their hearts against my words … therefore, I will visit them in my anger
O that thou mightest be like unto this valley, firm and steadfast, and immovable in keeping the commandments of the Lord!
I cried within my heart: O Jesus, thou Son of God, have mercy on me … when I thought this … I was harrowed up by the memory of my sins no more … my soul was filled with joy
I am the light and the life of the world; and I have drunk out of that bitter cup … and have glorified the Father in taking upon me the sins of the world

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