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Can you name the historical figures based on the details of their bizarre death?

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HintHistorical Figure
Greek playwright who, according to legend, died when an eagle dropped a turtle on his head from a great height
Roman general who, according to legend, died after the Parthians captured him during a battle and poured molten gold down his throat as a symbol of his thirst for wealth
English scientist who died of pneumonia after experimenting with the use of snow to freeze meat - it was chicken, not pork
Australian TV personality killed when his heart was impaled by a stingray barb
American emigre to Russia and famous dancer who died when her scarf became caught in a car wheel, strangling her
Chinese poet and heavy drinker who, according to legend, drowned after trying to embrace the reflection of the moon on water
American escape artist who died of a ruptured appendix after being punched in the stomach on a dare
Russian mystic who was poisoned, shot, stabbed, and drowned in a frozen river, but according to legend died of hypothermia
Leader of the Huns who was feared across Europe but who, according to legend, died of a nosebleed
French playwright who died of a coughing fit while playing the title role in his play 'The Hypochondriac'
HintHistorical Figure
English aristocrat and archeological patron who died of an infected mosquito bite, although legend blames King Tut's curse
American playwright who choked to death on the cap of an eye drop bottle
American distiller who died of blood poisoning after breaking his toe kicking a safe he couldn't open
American actor killed when a prop gun fired a real bullet
Jamaican political activist who died after two strokes, supposedly after reading a negative obituary of himself
Danish astronomer who, according to legend, died of complications from a ruptured bladder, after a long meal where etiquette required he not leave
American professional golfer killed by hypoxia due to loss of cabin pressure in a plane
French scientist who died of leukemia, likely due to radiation from her experiments
American politician and lawyer who died after accidentally shooting himself while demonstrating during a trial how a victim could have accidentally shot himself
Russian dissident poisoned by Polonium-210

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