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Can you name the famous people from the state of Maryland given the hints?

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Famous for...Name
The only Vice President from Maryland, and the only Greek-American to hold the office. Resigned as a result of criminal charges.
This pianist and singer who gained popularity in the late 1990s got her start with the single 'Baltimore', which she and her brother wrote for a Baltimore Orioles contest.
Founder of the American Red Cross, she was a nurse during the American Civil War.
Along with Bob Woodward, he helped break the Watergate story for the Washington Post.
One of the greatest players never to play professional basketball, he was drafted by the Boston Celtics but died two days later as a result of cocaine use.
Known for his angry tirades and hyperbolic humor, this stand-up comedian has performed on a number of Comedy Central shows.
Born into a family of famous actors from Maryland, he assassinated President Abraham Lincoln.
The only Roman Catholic signer of the Declaration of Independence. Sometimes has the words 'of Carrollton' added to his name to differentiate him from a relative.
A marine biologist and conservationist, she is best know as the author of 'Silent Spring' and is considered a founder of the environmental movement.
A writer of spy novels and military thrillers, he became well known following the publication of 'The Hunt for Red October'.
A member of the United States Olympic gymnastics team for a decade, she won medals at three different Olympic Games.
Made famous by his actions during the Barbary Wars and the War of 1812, he was killed in a duel with another naval officer.
Born into slavery on Maryland's Eastern Shore, he became a prominent abolitionist after his escape and published a famous autobiography.
Sometimes called the first President of the United States, he was in reality the first President of Congress under the Articles of Confederation.
This actor and singer known for his lead role on the television series 'Baywatch'.
Famous for...Name
This Baltimore native and State Department official was accused of being a spy for the Soviet Union and later jailed for perjury.
A lawyer and author, he wrote one of America's most famous poems after watching the shelling of Fort McHenry in Baltimore during the War of 1812.
Named after the singer Ray Charles, he won world boxing titles in five different weight classes during his career.
The lawyer who won the Brown v. Board of Education case for the NAACP. He later served on the Supreme Court.
The first woman to serve as Speaker of the House of Representatives, she was the daughter of a former mayor of Baltimore.
A native of Salisbury, Maryland, and scion of the family chicken business, he is best known for the line, 'It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken.'
Author of 'The Raven' among other books and poems, he was born in Boston but lived much of his life in Baltimore, where he died under mysterious circumstances.
Nicknamed the Iron Man, this Baltimore Oriole baseball player holds the record for the most consecutive games played.
Credited with helping to develop power hitting in baseball, he got his start as a played with his home town Baltimore Orioles, then a minor league team.
He was the founder of the Peace Corps, a candidate for Vice President, and a member of the Kennedy family by marriage.
This actor, writer, and political commentator worked as a speechwriter for Presidents Nixon and Ford before trying to teach economics to a missing Ferris Bueller.
A Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who presided over the court when the Dred Scott decision was made.
Famous for her repeated trips to rescue slaves after her own escape from servitude, she was born on a plantation on Maryland's Eastern Shore.
Known for his unique portrayal of Baltimore's local culture, he directed films like 'Hairspray' and 'Pecker'.
A self-taught composer, his debut album with the Mothers of Invention was 'Freak Out'. But he is perhaps better known for naming two of his children Moon Unit and Dweezil.

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