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Fields or holes in the ground where garbage is deposited and covered with soil
Newer landfills where solid wastes are spread out in thin layers, compacted, and covered daily
Any discarded solid or liquid material that is toxic, corrosive, or reactive
A fourth state of matter
Liquid hazardous wastes are pumped under pressure through a pipe into dry zones of rock beneath aquifers
Excavated depressions such as ponds, pits, or lagoons into which hazardous wastes are drained
Abandoned industrial and commercial sites contaminated with hazardous wastes
Chemical element, potent nuerotoxin that can harm the nervous system
The only metal that is liquid at room temperature
Stores hazardous wastes in areas where the water table is close to the surface
Similar to a welding torch
Biological way to treat hazardous wastes using genetically engineered plants to absorb contaminants
Used to detoxify hazardous wastes by filtering out solids and distilling liquids
Managing harzardous waste by burning it or burying it is this kind of approach
Pollution prevention and waste reduction is this kind of approach

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