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Scully's brother who is never seen on screen
Movie Mulder has seen 42 times
Full name of Monster-of-the-Week for 'Squeeze'
Episode in which Monica Reyes first appears
Episode in which Scully is not present
Episode in which Scully is not present number two
Episode in which Scully is not present number three
Episode in which Scully is not present number four
Mulder's British ex-girlfriend
Mrs. Mulder's first name
The Great Mutato's celebrity crush
The first birthday gift Mulder gives Scully
Episode in which Mulder and Scully kiss for the first time
Voice of the tattoo in 'Never Again'
How Clyde Bruckman suggested Mulder would die
What vision problem does Mulder have?
Who assigns Scully to the X-Files?
Scully's nickname for her father
His nickname for her
First name of the female doctor Mulder finds attractive in 'War of the Coprophages'
Mulder's favorite snack
This band, which sings 'Inside Out' and 'Here's to the Nights,' is named after an X-Files Episode
What famous author wrote the episode 'Chinga'?
Chupacabra means:
What does Mulder's poster say?
What part of DC does Scully live in?
Where does Mulder live?
Which gunman has a crush on Scully?
Scully sings this song to Mulder when they are stranded in 'Detour'
Author in 'Milagro' who became obsessed with Scully

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