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Can you name the Chondricthyes families?

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OrderFamilytype of fishies
Galea - Heterodontiformes bullhead shark, horn shark, Port Jackson shark
Galea - Orectolobiformeswhale sharks
Galea - Orectolobiformesnurse sharks
Galea - Carcharhiniformescat sharks
Galea - Carcharhiniformeshound sharks
Galea - Carcharhiniformesrequiem sharks (tiger, bull)
Galea - Carcharhiniformeshammerhead sharks
Galea - Lamniformesragged toothed shark, sand tiger shark
Galea - Lamniformesthresher sharks
Galea - Lamniformesmegamouth sharks
Galea - Lamniformesbasking sharks
Galea - Lamniformesmackerel sharks (white, mako)
Galea - Lamniformesmegalodon (megatooth shark)
Squalea - Hexanchiformescow sharks
OrderFamilytype of fishies
Squalea - Squaliformesdogfish sharks
Squalea - Squaliformeskitefin sharks
Squalea - Squaliformessleeper sharks
Squalea - Squaliformeslantern sharks
Squalea - Squatiniformesangel sharks
Squalea - Pristiophoriformessaw sharks
Squalea - Rajiformessaw fishes
Squalea - Rajiformeselectric ray (numbness)
Squalea - Rajiformeselectric ray (electrogenesis)
Squalea - Rajiformesguitarfishes
Squalea - Rajiformesskates
Squalea - Rajiformesstingrays, whiprays
Squalea - Rajiformesbutterfly rays
Squalea - Rajiformeseagle rays, cownose rays, manta rays

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