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Herb UseHerb NameHerb Description
red berries that can be fatally poisonous to kits and eldersnot medicine, known to twolegs as yew berries
infected wounds; cures bellyachesweet smelling plant with large, spreading, fernlike leaves and small white flowers
wrap around injury to soak up blood and keep wound clean; stops bleedingfound all over the forest
helps cats sleep; sooths cats suffering from shock or distresssmall black seed shaken from dried poppy flower
chewed into a poultice to mend broken bones; soothe woundslarge leaves, small, bell-shaped flowers that are pink, white or purple
soothing infections or throats of cats who have breathed in smokesweet, golden liquid
seeds useful for cat who's swallowed poison, leaves applied to wounds to bring down swellingspiney green plant
chewed up and applied to soothe scratches or sore padssimilar to sorrel
leaves chewed into pulp to help with shortness of breathflowering plant, like a dandelion, with yellow or white flowers
cures feversmall, purple, flowering plant
curing coughs, especially when catmint is not availablestrong smelling plant with round yellow flowers
best remedy for greencoughdelicious smelling leafy plant, found in twoleg gardens
bad smelling liquid, only remedy for tickswash paws thoroughly in running water afterward
Herb UseHerb NameHerb Description
terrific for healing woundstall plant with bright yellow flowers
treat infected wounds; applied as poulticetall plant with bristly stems that grow in marshy areas
chewed into a pulp and fed to cat suffering from bellyacheleafy green plant found in streams or damp earth
chewed into a pulp and applied to wounds; stops infectionbright orange or yellow flower that grows low to the ground
eaten to cool body temperature, particularly for cats with fever/chillssmall bush with flowers like daisies
prevents infection, especially from dangerous wounds like rat bitesroll in a patch of it to assure maximum effect
calms anxiety, frayed nerves; treats shock
used to expell poison from wounds and stomachflowering plant
soothes bellyache; helps cats who are having trouble breathingbush with spiky, dark green leaves and purple berries
increases milk supply in nursing queens; brings down feversmall blue or pink star shaped flowers, hairy leaves
stops infectionscollected in autumn and stored in a dry place
cures rat bites/rat bite infectionstall-stemmed, sharp-smelling thistle with dark leaves

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