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Racing, pacing in the dark...Transylvania
We are the generation...We Are The Young
Not into fashion, but I love the clothes she wears...Five Colours In Her Hair
And I was afraid when you kissed me...Star Girl
I'd melt the polar ice caps, baby...I Wanna Hold You
I wish I could bubble wrap my heart...Bubblewrap
You don't have to be skinny, baby...Smile
Bury with me with my guitar...The Last Song
Your words are like bullets...Lies
The sun sets the colour of fire...Please, Please
Everything she says to me means nothing...Nothing
Every day should be a new day...Falling In Love
Kicking off is the hardest part...The End
Recently I've been hopelessly reaching...Obviously
I won't stop believing that this is the end...Sorry's Not Good Enough
I'm making a list of things that I'll miss...Do Ya
So hold me till the sky is clear...I've Got You
Ten minutes later and...Going Through the Motions
Two years away, I got back today...Memory Lane
I wonder how they put a man on the moon...Walk In The Sun
I don't know if we'll make it through the night...Only the Strong Survive
Now I'm so sick of being lonely...Lonely
I never wanted everything to end this way...POV
Every time I fall asleep...Down Goes Another One
That's enough to get you through the night...Friday Night
There's magic in the air...Ultraviolet
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She will always be my sunkissed trampoline...Little Joanna
The fairytale got twisted and decayed...Corrupted
Said he saw you last night...Down By The Lake
I don't know why you're leaving me...Too Close For Comfort
I left messages after the tone. Really?...She Left Me
But if you deny me one of your kisses...All About You
I just don't know how I'm gonna get through...Surfer Babe
Light a fire and...Home Is Where the Heart Is
One by one, drinks are gone...Don't Know Why
And overhead the skies are clear...I'll Be OK
When she walks in the room...Met This Girl
Rain clouds are gathering in numbers...Just My Luck
She was looking kinda sad and lonely...Get Over You
We got every girl in school...Saturday Night
Don't pretend you hate us when you sing our songs...One For the Radio
And I wish that she was mine, and I said...That Girl
Grey hairs left in the shower...The Ballad of Paul K
She wrote me letters just to say she loved me...Unsaid Things
But then she called me and that's when she said to me...Broccoli
Now hearts are getting broken...Everybody Knows
And I tried to compromise...Hypnotised
Please save me, I've been waiting...She Falls Asleep
I get on the train on my own...Not Alone
Room on the third floor, not what we asked for...Room on the 3rd Floor
Funny feeling happened today...Silence is a Scary Sound

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