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QUIZ: Can you name the fun facts about the band McFly?

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Where did the band find its name?
What band was a rival during McFly's early years?
Who did McFly beat in being the youngest band whose debut album went straight to #1 on the charts?
What reality show did Danny compete in during 2010?
What song on 'Wonderland' did Tom write for his girlfriend?
How old was Dougie when he joined the band?
What is/are Harry's middle name/s?
What was the original title for the demo version of 'Star Girl'?
What was the first song title revealed for McFly's fifth album?
What do all the boys have a tattoo of?
They all have a word tattooed on one of their feet. Tom's says...
Danny's says...
Dougie's says...
Harry's says...
Who always gets the girl?
Finish the line: 'Anne Boleyn she kept a tin...'
What is the setting for the music video for 'Please, Please'?
What is the name of the record company McFly worked with before starting an independent label?
Name one of McFly's three non-studio albums.
What song did they cover and make a music video of for sport relief?

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