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Can you name the rock album covers by these descriptions?

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A large blimp floating in front of a venue hall
The band members' skulls on each end of a crucifix with one in the middle
Six carnies performing in an otherwise boring street
Gun sights aimed at a flaming building
A public toilet with lots of graffiti above it
The statue of Lady Justice cracked, bound by ropes, and with money falling out of her scales
Seven people standing in front of a motel with the black boxes over their eyes
Two boxers fighting
The band members standing in the street, two of them with motorcycles
A painting of a strange figure with a hood standing in front of a house
A black car speeding down a deserted highway
A cow's udder with a ring through it
A beam of light entering a triangle with a rainbow coming out the other end
A statue of a strong man holding a giant sphere above his head
The infamous skeleton with a black robe and scythe
A giant head spitting lots of smaller heads into a hole
A metallic eagle flying diagonally
The band's mascot controlling the devil
A skeleton holding a 'For Sale' sign in front of w bunch of destroyed buildings
A man with a metal mask struggles to get out of a straight jacket

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