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Here I bequeath a tale covering the breadth of the events which led to my life becoming inverted.
Throughout all of time, I shalt not surrender thee, nor shalt i fail thee. I shalt not philander nor jilt thee.
I stretch my limbs towards the heavens on occasion, exclaiming the first and fifteenth letters of the alphabet, I must cease holding on.
Lower thy volume madam. Cease any movement of thy lips. Act as if thou wert Helen Keller, and communicate through pelvic movement.
I'm a wrangler of cattle. Upon an iron alloy equine I transport.
I enjoy an ample buttocks and I cannot mislead you on this notion.
Before I depart my residence, I practice good oral hygeine by utilizing fermented grains, for I do not plan on returning until the morrow.
Instruct me in the art of performing the Douglas.
Hark! Allow me to hear thou proclaim: This excrement be in fact bananas.
I have observed you travelling through the village with the woman I am currently infatuated with and my response is a profanity upon both of you.
Proceed person of small stature. It is your day of birth. We will celebrate accordingly.
Every other young scoundrel with the fashionably inflated footwear best flee with greater haste than the projectiles launched from my blunderbuss.
If occurences of a peculiar nature arise within your township, to whom might you inquire assistance? Dispellers of demonic apparitions!
Nay, he is incapable of deciphering my gambling visage.
Frozen water, frozen water, infant!
Thou must engage in battle to reserve your right to partake in festivities.
All thine brethren resided within a sun-colored water-submersible transportation vehicle.
Enjoying a leisurely carriage ride down the lane, inhaling hemp smoke and imbibing a cocktail of London gin and cider.
Cease all activities thou art engaged in! The hour of the hammer is upon us.
At this present time I am not saying she is mining for precious metals but she certainly is not associating with gentlemen of lower financial status.
Which individual takes residence within thy subaquatic pineapple fruit? Sponge Robert Square Pantaloons!
I fling my locks hither and yon.
They observe me operating my automobile. They are prejudiced.
They attempted to force me into rehabilitation. Quoth I 'Nay, nay, nay.'
Would'st thou escort me down to the utopian civilization where the vegetation is of emerald hue and the females are elegant.
And all the females do declare that I am quite socially dominant for a caucasian male.
What is your intention with all of that miscellany? All that miscellany inside of that automobile rear compartment?
I happen to find great enjoyment when you refer to me as a paternal figure of impressive stature.
The majority of our lives thus spent have been endured in a utopia for disreputable hooligans.
Might I inquire as to the identity of the individual who has released the canines who were being held in captivity?

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