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The control center of the cell?
The site where chemical reactions take place in the cell?
This organelle contains its own DNA and is the powerhouse of the cell?
This organelle exports proteins in the cell?
This organelle contains hydrolytic enzymes to digest old organelles, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, DNA, RNA, viruses, bacteria ?
Hollow protein tubules that aid in cell support and forming spindle fibers?
Hair-like organelles used for movement?
Modifies proteins for export (package,processes, and secretes)?
Made of actin and aids in cell movement and muscle contractions ?
This organelle is involved with synthesis of steroids (gland cells), regulate calcium levels in muscle cells, breaks down toxic substances in the liver?
Made of protein and RNA. Both Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes have this organelle.?
Type of protein that forms channels for substances to pass through the cell membrane?
Controls what enters and leaves the cell?
All living things are compsed up of cells. Cells are the basic unit of strucutre and function. All cells come from other cells.?
What scientist hypothesized all animals were made of cells?
Who was the first to see living cells??
Who discovered and name cells??
Who discovered all cells come from other cells??
Cell shape reflects the cells_________??
Who discovered the nucleus??
Cell component performing a specific function ?
Who said all plants came from cells??
Stores water, enzymes, and wastes?
Who discovered protoplasm??
Fine strands of DNA ?
Colorless plastid that stores starch?
Part of the cell wall made of pectin?
Forms spindle fibers, aids in cell division, and only found in animal cells?
Made of cellulose and supports and protects plant cells?
Organism that lacks membrane bound nucleus & organelles ?
Groups of cells that carry out a specific function?
Pigments for orange and yellow color fruit, flowers, leaves ?
Group of organs interacting to do a specific job?
Proteins on interior and exterior surface of the cell membrane?
Several tissues interacting to do a specific job?
Organisms with cell with membrane bound nucleus & organelles ?
Contain chlorophyll (green) for photosynthesis?
Why are cells limited by their size??

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