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QUIZ: Can you name these things in order?

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Forced Order
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First 10 Numbers (Alphabetically, Written Out In English)
US Federal Holidays (Chronological by Date)
Keys in the Middle Row of a QWERTY Keyboard (Alphabetical)
Roger Moore James Bond Films (Chronological)
Colours of the Rainbow
Narnia Books (Publication Order)
G7 Members (Alphabetical)
Henry VIII's Wives (Chronological)
Premier League Champions (First Title, Chronologically)
Halogens (Atomic Number)
Simpsons Family Members (Reverse Alphabetical)
Books of the Pentateuch
Vowels (Backwards)
Pac-Man Ghosts (Alphabetical)
Big 3 Credit Rating Agencies (Alphabetical)
Jimi Hendrix Experience Albums (Chronological)
Sides of the Road That People Drive On (Japan's Side First)

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