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Can you name the words which mean different things in English and French?

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Forced Order
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English MeaningWordFrench Meaning
One who relaxesTo stay
One who carries suitcasesTo wear
An unpleasant stimulusBread
To annoy someoneSpades (in a deck of cards), or a pike
A sharp metal objectA pine
A slight hollow caused by an impactA tooth
Plan or inventCurrency
The indefinite articleTo have (third person singular)
The most common value in a set of datafashion
Common senseWe
To singe or burnA military tank
Remove water from a bucketFor
Very badTo say
A secure grip with the feetJogging
Past participle of layUgly
Winner (abbrev.)A field
A typefaceTo do (third person plural)
A metal unit of currencyA corner

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