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What animal is Ms.Brigg's head photshoped on?iPilot
What scent does the police officer have in lotion?iWant More Viewers
What does Freddie call the good dancer who Carly and Sam like?iDream of Dance
What painting hides the elevator controls in Carly's Apartment?iLike Jake
When was the last time Carly used her inhaler?iWanna Stay with Spencer
What is the refreshment Ms.Papperman offers Spencer?iNevel
What color are Spencer's girlfriend's juggling balls?iSpy a Mean Teacher
What color are the beads Valerie grabs after the TV hits her in the head?iWill Date Freddie
How many men come into the studio to check out the gas?iWant a World Record
What creature does Nevel's grandma mistake Freddie for?iRue the Day
What thing other than Carly's grade do Carly and Freddie do on the school website?iPromise Not to Tell
What snack does Spencer make his band?iAm Your Biggest Fan
What article of clothing does Harry Joyner instruct for the clown to put on?iHeart Art
How does Freddie know Jonah?iHate Sam' Boyfriend
How many chicks are there?iHatch Chicks
What concert does Carly want to go to?iDon't Want to Fight
how much money does Daka pay to Carly to buy them out of their contract?iPromote TechFoots
What is Rodney;s special this week?iGot Detention
What dairy product did Ms.Brigg's buy yesterday?iStakeout
What topping does Carly like on her frozen yogurt?iMight Switch Schools
What tool does Spencer accidently stab in his hand?iFence
What does Sam request to be on the snack table?iCarly Saves TV
What does Ruben affectionately call Sam?iWin a Date
What thing does Miss Ackerman knock over whenshe leaves Spencer's apartment?iHave a Lovesick Teacher
What does Carly stick her foot in in Shane's experiment?iSaw Him First
What color is Sasha Striker's top?iStage An Intervetntion
What does Sam cook in her locker?iOwe You
What sweetner does Trudy eat plain?iPie
What town did Spencer try to be a football player for?iKiss
What is Sako's uncle's name?iGive Away a Car
Where did Wade get a gift certificate to?iRocked the Vote
What does Freddie do best on the Mathleets?iMeet Fred
What color is the toilet Sam thinks Freddie resembles?iLook Alike
What color was the glop Carly poured on Nevel?iWant My Website Back
What did Sam fill Wendy's bra with?iMake Sam Girlier
How many mph does Carly think her scooter goes?iGo Nuclear
What kind of choclates does Missy give Sam?iReunite With Missy
What replaces a lightbulb at the Come on Inn?iTake On Dingo
What kind of solo did Sam get on her 'Guitar Hero' game?iMust Have Locker 239
What pattern does Sam hate?iTwins
What finger does Sam think she lost?iThink They Kissed
What vegetable does Carly give Ricky?iCook
What snack does Gibby's mom bring Gibby and his girlfriend?iSpeed Date

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