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Can you name all the Magic the Gathering Two-Color Legendary Creatures?

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Types, Color PairNameSet
Human Wizard, IzzetDOM
Human Knight, BorosCN2
Human Soldier, BorosRAV
Kor Soldier Ally, BorosC16
Human Soldier, BorosTHS
Angel, BorosC15
Cat Avatar, SelesnyaC17
Kraken, SimicC18
Sphinx Wizard, IzzetC15
Vampire Knight, OrzhovDOM
Human Knight, OrzhovDOM
Human Cleric, SelesnyaMIR
Dragon, GruulFRF
God, OrzhovJOU
Angel, BorosGTC
Giant, RakdosLEG
Human Artificer, AzoriusLEG
Kor Cleric, OrzhovOGW
Sphinx, AzoriusRIX
Human Warrior, RakdosLEG
Angel, BorosCMD
Zombie Dragon, RakdosSCG
Cyclops, GruulGPT
Cyclops, GruulGTC
Zombie Wizard, RakdosLEG
Spirit, AzoriusCNS
Giant Warrior, BorosLRW
Artificer, IzzetC18
Angel, AzoriusAVR
Human Ally, BorosC16
Human Soldier, SelesnyaINV
Dryad (Lord), SelesnyaRAV
Human Wizard, DimirRAV
Human Soldier, AzoriusTHS
Zombie Soldier, OrzhovC15
Dwarf Pilot, BorosKLD
Elder Dragon, GruulDTK
Elder Dragon, SelesnyaDTK
Elder Dragon, RakdosDTK
Elder Dragon, AzoriusDTK
Elder Dragon, DimirDTK
Zombie Wizard (Lord), DimirTSP
Dragon, SelesnyaFRF
Elf Rogue, SimicCMD
Vampire Knight, OrzhovRIX
Elf Shaman, SelesnyaDGM
God, AzoriusBNG
Human Cleric, RakdosDGM
Ooze Mutant, SimicDIS
Elf Warrior, SimicC15
Minotaur Cleric, BorosDOM
Angel, SelesnyaLEG
Kithkin Advisor, SelesnyaLRW
Human Warrior, RakdosDOM
Spirit Cleric, AzoriusISD
Spirit (Lord), OrzhovGPT
Human Wizard, DimirEMN
Angel, BorosAVR
Zombie Elf, GolgariMBS
Human Warrior, AzoriusLEG
Human Advisor, AzoriusDIS
Elf Warrior, GruulDOM
Goblin Rogue, RakdosCNS
Zombie Warrior, DimirISD
Human Rogue, AzoriusCON
Elf Archer, GruulDOM
Human Artificer, AzoriusINV
Human Cleric, GolgariAKH
Human Warrior, AzoriusLEG
Naga Wizard, GolgariC16
Spirit, GolgariSOK
God, BorosJOU
Bird Monk, AzoriusC16
Sphinx, AzoriusRTR
Sphinx, AzoriusDIS
Human Wizard, AzoriusTSP
Zombie Elf, GolgariRTR
Human, SelesnyaLEG
Cat Warrior, AzoriusLEG
Human Knight, GruulLEG
Human Wizard, IzzetFUT
Human Artificer, IzzetDOM
Merfolk Wizard, IzzetOGW
Human Warrior, BorosNPH
Human Shaman, RakdosTSP
Giant Soldier, BorosC15
Human Advisor, OrzhovKLD
Bird Wizard, AzoriusINV
God, SelesnyaBNG
Spirit Advisor, OrzhovC15
Snake Wizard, SimicC15
Human Warrior, AzoriusLEG
Human Cleric, SelesnyaLEG
God, IzzetJOU
Dragon, RakdosFRF
Zombie Horror, IzzetC16
Archon, SelesnyaPC2
God, SimicJOU
Merfolk Shaman, SimicRIX
Human Wizard, SimicC16
Human Archer, SelesnyaLEG
Demon, RakdosLEG
Human Soldier, AzoriusDGM
Shapeshifter, DimirGTC
Human Warrior, GruulLEG
Human Druid, SelesnyaLEG
Human Wizard, IzzetC16
Human Cleric, RakdosDIS
Demon Dragon, RakdosCON
Elf Warrior, GruulLEG
Insect Shaman, GolgariC15
Sphinx, AzoriusTHS
Weird Wizard, IzzetDGM
Human Shaman, GolgariC15
Types, Color PairNameSet
Elf Ally, GruulOGW
Vampire, DimirDGM
Cat Warrior, SelesnyaC17
Goblin Wizard, IzzetC15
God, RakdosBNG
Elf Wizard, SimicDIS
Kor Ally, BorosBFZ
Elf Warrior, GolgariLRW
Cat Artificer, SelesnyaC17
Human Wizard, DimirLEG
Minotaur Warrior, RakdosAKH
Human Cleric, AzoriusDOM
Vedalken Wizard, IzzetCMD
Dragon Wizard, IzzetRTR
Dragon Wizard, IzzetGPT
Merfolk Ally, AzoriusBFZ
Spirit Advisor, OrzhovGTC
Dragon, AzoriusFRF
Vampire Knight, RakdosSOI
Vampire, RakdosISD
Elemental, GruulBFZ
Faerie Wizard, DimirSHM
Human, RakdosLEG
God, GolgariJOU
God, DimirBNG
Merfolk Wizard, SimicGTC
Human Wizard, DimirLEG
Elf Warrior, GruulPLC
Human Wizard, AzoriusDOM
Demon, RakdosRTR
Demon, RakdosDIS
Human Pirate, DimirLEG
Human Assassin, DimirLEG
Elf Druid, SimicKLD
Human Wizard, AzoriusLEG
Human Cleric, OrzhovC16
Angel, BorosRAV
Human Warrior, GolgariC16
Elf Warrior, SelesnyaSHM
Human Advisor, DimirLEG
Kobold, RakdosLEG
Human Artificer, DimirDOM
Giant Shaman, GruulSHM
Ogre Warrior, GruulDGM
Human Scout, SelesnyaTSP
Human Warrior, GruulAKH
Treefolk Shaman, GolgariEVE
Elf Shaman, GolgariRAV
Angel, OrzhovTMP
Elf Scout, SelesnyaCNS
Human Warrior, SelesnyaDOM
Human Knight, SelesnyaC16
Angel, SelesnyaSOI
Angel, SelesnyaAVR
Human, DimirC16
Dragon, DimirFRF
Human Knight, SelesnyaLEG
Gorgon, GolgariRAV
Human, DimirLEG
Skeleton (Ship), DimirLEG
Zombie Elemental, GolgariCMD
Fungus, GolgariDOM
Human Warrior, GruulLEG
Centaur Warrior, GruulTSP
Human Shaman, GruulLEG
Merfolk Rogue, DimirSHM
Merfolk Wizard, AzoriusLRW
Vampire, DimirRAV
Human Monk, AzoriusC17
Human Wizard, DimirC17
Human Soldier, BorosDGM
Elf Druid, GruulC16
Merfolk Druid, SimicDOM
Human Artificer, IzzetC18
Human Cleric, AzoriusAKH
Human Advisor, OrzhovDGM
Human Advisor, OrzhovGPT
Frog Horror, GolgariSOI
Giant, GruulLEG
God, IzzetHOU
God, DimirHOU
God, RakdosHOU
Merfolk Wizard, SimicC16
Hellion, GruulPC2
Angel Artificer, BorosDOM
Human Wizard, IzzetGPT
Merfolk Shaman, SimicXLN
Human Advisor, AzoriusLEG
Elf Warrior, SelesnyaRAV
Human Soldier, SelesnyaLEG
Human Archer, RakdosLEG
Human Wizard, OrzhovTHS
Dryad, SelesnyaRTR
Horror, RakdosINV
Human Wizard, GruulLEG
Zombie Warrior, RakdosTHS
Human Cleric, OrzhovC16
Hellion Hydra, GruulGPT
Human Werewolf, GruulEMN
Elemental, DimirLEG
Troll Warrior, GolgariDGM
Human Wizard, DimirPC2
Human Warrior, GolgariTMP
Goblin Berserker, RakdosC16
Vampire, OrzhovCMD
Vampire Knight, OrzhovXLN
Human Merfolk, SimicDGM
Goblin Shaman, RakdosLRW
Goblin Shaman, GruulSHM
Kraken, DimirWWK
Faerie Wizard, DimirLRW
Minion, RakdosC18
God, GruulBNG
Human Ninja, DimirC18

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