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Can you name all the Magic the Gathering Red and Green Mono-Colored Legendary Creatures (+ Colorless)? (This is Part 2/2)

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Types, ColorNameSet
Spirit, RedSOK
Angel, RedPLC
Human Warrior, RedFRF
Human Warrior, GreenTHS
Spirit, GreenSOK
Elemental Shaman, RedLRW
Avatar, GreenHML
Angel, Red (Double-Face)SOI
Spirit, GreenSOK
Spirit, Red (Flip)BOK
Human Monk, GreenCHK
Dwarf Barbarian, RedTOR
Human Druid, GreenFUT
Goblin Shaman, RedCHK
Kirin Spirit, GreenSOK
Golem, ColorlessMRD
Eldrazi Angel, Colorless (Double-Face, Meld)EMN
Human Samurai, RedCHK
Human Samurai, RedCHK
Human Pirate, RedXLN
Human Rogue, RedHML
Human Shaman, RedORI
Avatar, GreenHML
Human Advisor, RedPTK
Human Monk, GreenCHK
Human Soldier, RedPTK
Human Monk, GreenCHK
Elf Warrior, GreenORI
Elf Warrior, GreenTMP
Eldrazi, ColorlessROE
Eldrazi, ColorlessEMN
Human Rogue, RedHML
Elder Dinosaur, RedRIX
Elf Warrior, GreenSOM
Human Artificer, RedC14
Human Samurai, RedBOK
Elder Dinosaur, GreenRIX
Elf, GreenMRD
Human Barbarian, RedCHK
Ogre Shaman, Red (Flip)CHK
Bear, GreenM19
Giant Warrior, GreenBBD
Goblin Rogue, RedCN2
Wurm, GreenBBD
Ape Warrior, GreenDOM
Eldrazi Ooze, Colorless (Double-Face, Meld)EMN
God, RedAKH
Ogre Shaman, RedBOK
Viashino Shaman, RedMIR
Human Monk, RedSOK
Thopter, ColorlessAER
Human, GreenPTK
Goblin Advisor, RedTSP
Spirit, GreenBOK
Human Samurai, RedSOK
Spirit, GreenCHK
Human Samurai, GreenBOK
Goblin Warrior, RedBOK
Spider, GreenEMN
Human Monk, GreenBOK
Human Spellshaper, RedTSP
Cat Warrior (Lord), GreenPLC
Human Barbarian Warrior, RedJUD
Spirit, RedSOK
Human Spellshaper, GreenPCY
Human Rogue, RedHML
Dragon Spirit, GreenCHK
Human Druid, GreenONS
Human Barbarian, RedODY
Human Pirate, RedAER
Golem, ColorlessUSG
Elf Druid, GreenALL
Ogre Warrior, RedWWK
Dragon, RedBBD
Goblin Shaman, RedCHK
Spirit, GreenBOK
Spirit, GreenCHK
Spirit, GreenCHK
Eldrazi, ColorlessROE
Eldrazi, ColorlessOGW
Goblin Warrior, RedM13
Human Shaman, RedCHK
Ogre Spirit, RedM15
Human Soldier Warrior, GreenPTK
Dragon, RedM19
Human Spellshaper, RedPCY
Human (Lord), RedCSP
Types, ColorNameSet
Human Soldier Warrior, RedPTK
Human Soldier Warrior, RedPTK
Spirit, RedBOK
Human Warrior, RedWTH
Human Knight, RedICE
Elf Druid, GreenDOM
Spirit, GreenSOK
Human Scout, GreenNPH
Wizard, ColorlessDST
Human Barbarian Soldier, GreenPTK
Cat Warrior, GreenEXO
Elemental, GreenINV
Elemental, GreenULG
Elemental Avatar, GreenDOM
Spirit, RedCHK
Spirit, GreenCHK
Human Warrior, RedBBD
Zombie Minotaur Warrior, RedHOU
Treefolk, GreenPLS
Elf Scout, GreenORI
Human Warrior, RedTSP
God, GreenTHS
Cyclops Berserker, RedBBD
Elemental, GreenWWK
Human Artificer. GreenKLD
Spirit, RedBOK
Spirit, GreenBOK
Human Artificer, RedORI
Human Artificer, RedKLD
Human, GreenBBD
Hydra, GreenTHS
God, RedTHS
Human Shaman, RedCON
Dragon, ColorlessC17
Human Shaman, GreenSOK
God, GreenAKH
Elf Warrior, GreenMOR
Elf Druid, GreenAER
Elf Druid, GreenUDS
Dragon, RedONS
Dragon Spirit, RedCHK
Snake Shaman, GreenCHK
Snake Shaman, GreenBOK
Snake Monk, GreenSOK
Spirit, GreenSOK
Elf Scout, GreenCN2
Snake Monk, GreenCHK
Centaur Druid, GreenODY
Snake Shaman, GreenCHK
Demon Spirit, RedCHK
Snake Warrior, GreenCHK
Snake Shaman, GreenBOK
Elemental, GreenONS
Kirin Spirit, RedSOK
Goblin Artificer, RedDST
Snake Warrior, GreenCHK
Goblin, RedMMQ
Goblin, RedDOM
Human Rogue, RedTMP
Human Warrior, GreenDTK
Minotaur Warrior, RedPLS
Dragon, RedFUT
Human Knight, RedMIR
Elf Druid, GreenTSP
Insect Druid, GreenJUD
Troll Shaman, GreenMBS
Elemental, GreenC14
Goblin Shaman, Red (Flip)CHK
Construct, ColorlessDOM
Goblin, RedROE
Eldrazi, ColorlessBFZ
Eldrazi, ColorlessROE
Praetor, RedNPH
Human Shaman, RedDOM
Human Knight, RedC18
Treefolk, GreenINV
Dragon, RedDOM
Praetor, GreenNPH
Human Warrior, GreenFRF
Elf Shaman, GreenM13
Human Rogue, GreenM15
Human Soldier, RedPTK
Goblin Ally, RedBFZ
Viashino Shaman, RedMIR
Goblin Warrior, RedCHK
Human Advisor, GreenPTK
Orc Warrior, RedDTK

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