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Can you name all the Magic the Gathering Legendary Creatures that are 3 or more colors?

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Types, ColorsNameSet
Human Pirate, GrixisXLN
Human Knight, JundLEG
Human Soldier, AbzanKTK
Human Cleric, BantLEG
Elemental, TemurCMD
Elder Dragon, BantLEG
Angel Horror, No RedC16
Giant Warrior, JundLEG
Human, No GreenC16
Elder Dragon, EsperLEG
Illusion, WUBRGAPC
Dragon, GrixisINV
Human Warrior, EsperLEG
Gorgon Wizard, SultaiCMD
Dragon, JundINV
Dragon, JundDOM
Bird Wizard, BantC13
Treefolk Shaman, AbzanLRW
Dragon, EsperINV
Vampire Knight, MarduC17
Human Wizard, EsperPLS
Beast, NayaC13
Vampire, GrixisCSP
Fungus Shaman, AbzanCMD
Dinosaur Avatar, NayaXLN
Human Rogue, GrixisLEG
Shapeshifter, EsperLEG
Human Warrior, NayaLEG
Elemental, WUBRGLRW
Human Wizard, GrixisC17
Dragon, TemurPLC
Human Warrior, NayaLEG
Vampire Wizard, GrixisC13
Angel, BantARB
Human Wizard, JeskaiDOM
Human Wizard, NayaLEG
Human Cleric, MarduCMD
Centaur Spirit, AbzanCMD
Dragon, JundARB
Human Wizard, GrixisC17
Human Warrior, JundALA
Human Soldier, No BlackC16
Human Cleric, EsperLEG
Elf Advisor, SultaiCN2
Vampire Soldier, MarduC17
Zombie, GrixisALL
Elemental, TemurPC2
Human Wizard, GrixisC17
Elemental Beast, NayaC13
Human Wizard, GrixisCNS
Vampire, MarduC17
Elf Shaman, NayaALA
Types, ColorsNameSet
Human, EsperICE
Human Artificer, GrixisTSP
Elemental Avatar, SultaiDOM
Human Monk, JeskaiKTK
Zombie Wizard, GrixisC13
Elder Dragon, GrixisLEG
Dragon, JeskaiPLC
Dragon Spirit, WUBRGC17
Giant Soldier, EsperC13
Dragon, MarduPLC
Elder Dragon, NayaLEG
Phelddagrif, BantALL
Hydra Avatar, WUBRGCON
Dragon, JundC13
Human Assassin, MarduCN2
Human Knight, BantALA
Human Cleric, BantLEG
Scarecrow, WUBRGSHM
Human Wizard, TemurCMD
Dragon, NayaINV
Rhino Soldier, BantC13
Faerie, BantLEG
Giant Warrior, JeskaiCMD
Human Soldier, No BlueC16
Dragon Avatar, WUBRGTSP
Zombie Warrior, GrixisALA
Orc Shaman, JundCSP
Human Wizard, EsperARB
Sphinx, EsperALA
Goblin Artificer, JundC13
Naga Shaman, SultaiKTK
Sliver, WUBRGM15
Sliver Mutant, WUBRGSCG
Demon, GrixisLEG
Human Warrior, TemurKTK
Human Artificer, EsperC13
Angel, MarduCMD
Dragon, AbzanPLC
Human Archer, GrixisLEG
Ooze, SultaiCMD
Dragon Avatar, WUBRGC17
Zombie Assassin, GrixisARB
Dragon, BantINV
Beast, NayaARB
Elder Dragon, JundLEG
Dragon, SultaiPLC
Cat Dragon, JundC17
Insect Wizard, JundLEG
Ogre Wizard, No WhiteC16
Elder Dinosaur, NayaRIX
Minotaur Monk, JeskaiCMD
Orc Warrior, MarduKTK
Human Wizard, EsperCSP

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