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Washington is the only state named after what?
What is Washington's largest city?
What is the capital of Washington?
Washington produces more of this fruit than any other state.
The headquarters of this major technological corporation is located in Redmond
The chairman of that company, the wealthiest man in the country, is none other than _________
What is Washington's state nickname?
Washington's largest county (in population) is named after this man.
What is the highest point in Washington?
Seattle is the birthplace of this famous musician (now buried in Renton, WA)
This major coffee chain was founded in Seattle.
What is the largest lake in Washington?
What is the longest river in Washington?
This stratovolcano had a major eruption in 1980.
Everett, WA, is the site of the world's largest building, this company's assembly plant.
Seattle is famous for this tower, built for the 1962 World's Fair.
This place in Seattle is great for business for merchants and is right on Elliott Bay.
The UW is not so great at football, but it has one of the best prospect QBs in this man.
These mountains divide western and eastern Washington.
Many of the largest western Washington cities are located on this salt-water inlet.

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