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Can you name the facts about Dwight Schrute?

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What type of farm does he own?
According to him, what percent of attacks come from the rear?
What is his middle name?
What is his all-time favorite movie?
What South American country does he have relatives in?
What type of car does he drive?
What movie was he expecting to see when he saw Wedding Crashers?
He knows that many of Jan’s blouses are from this store.
He has never taken a sick day, even when he had what?
What is the name of his great-grandfather?
He has seen over how many films?
Who is his best friend?
What does he say is the life blood of the agritourism industry?
Who is the only person he tips?
If he could travel anywhere in the world, where would he go?
His perfect crime includes stealing this from Tiffany’s.
How many miles per gallon does his car get?
In his fantasy job, what is his salary?
He says that this man resembles a hobbit.
What is the name of his cousin?
What TV show does he watch on Thursdays?
What is his favorite cereal?
How many acres is Schrute Farms?
Who tries to kiss him at the Christmas party (second season)?
Name one of his Halloween costumes.

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