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Can you name the words that have 'back' in them?

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What you use on a bank shot in basketball
Backwards flow of air or water; why you never drink out of somebody else's bottle
Arizona baseball team
To demonstrate effusive goodwill towards yourself or others
Board game with dice
Wallpaper; appears to be farthest from the viewer
________ Steakhouse
Tennis shot
An adult male gorilla
Brett Favre, Dan Marino, Warren Moon
Knapsack; what you bring to school
Oft-used key on keyboard
Hard-hitting move that is performed from behind your enemy
Screen behind home plate in baseball or softball
The ____________ of Notre Dame
____________ Boys had hit 'I Want It That Way'
Michael Phelps gold medal event
Directed to the back or rear
Slanting backward; hairstyle
Plus to being a homeowner; computer game _________ Baseball

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