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Princess Jasmine, Iago (1992)
Carl Frederickson, Russell (2009)
Belle, Gaston (1991)
Duchess, Roquefort (1970)
Donkey, Lord Farquaad (2001)
Woody, Buzz Lightyear (1995)
Manfred, Soto (2002)
Annie Hughes, Marv Loach (1999)
Jack Skellington, Sally (1993)
Elastigirl, Frozone (2004)
Ursula, Sebastian (1989)
Randall Boggs, Sulley (2001)
Nala, Timon (1994)
Timothy Q. Mouse, Jim Crow (1941)
Ash, Badger (2009)
Friar Tuck, Little John (1973)
Bagheera, Kaa (1967)
Philoctetes, Meg (1997)
EVE, Captain McCrea (2008)
Aunt Sarah, Darling (1955)
Dimitri, Rasputin (1997)
Fetcher, Rocky (2000)
Flik, Hopper (1998)
Flower, Thumper (1942)
Prince Phillip, Flora (1959)
Lightning McQueen, Mater (2006)
Gideon, Lampwick (1940)
1, 2 (2009)
Remy, Gusteau (2007)
Hazel, Bigwig (1978)
Shan-Yu, Yao (1998)
Terk, Jane Porter (1999)
Marty, Melman (2005)
Chip, Z (1998)
Centipede, Ladybug (1996)
Cruella De Vil, Pongo (1961)
Po, Shifu (2008)
Bill Murray, Bugs Bunny (1996)
Marlin, Dory (2003)
Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts (1951)

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