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Combination of a...Mythical CreatureOrigin
Lion and an eagle.Greek mythology
Human and a goat.Greek mythology
Woman's head and body and a bird's wings and legs.Greek mythology
Human and a horse.Assyrian, Indian, and Greek mythology
Dog with two heads and a serpent's tail.Greek mythology
Lion's body and head, a goat's head, and a serpent's head and tail.Greek mythology
Human's head and a vulture's body.Greek mythology
Human and a fish.Found in numerous mythologies; mostly Greek
Combination of a...Mythical CreatureOrigin
Rooster's head and claws and a reptile's body.Roman mythology
Human head, serpents' hair, a serpent's body, a dragon's arms, a boar's teeth, a cat's eyes, and a bat's wings.Greek mythology
Dog with three heads and a serpent's tail.Greek mythology
Human's body, frog's eyes, webbed feet, and scaly skin.Greek mythology
Horse and an eagle.European mythology
Human's head, a lion's body, and a scorpion's tail.Persian mythology
Lion's body, a human's head, a bull's hindquarters and an eagle's wings.Egyptian mythology
Human's body and a bull's head.Greek mythology

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