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M fiber pathways of the LGN match up with this stream in the Visual Cortex (ventral or dorsal?)
in the ventral stream, columns for complex contours, angles, textures and colours will be found in what number V (ie. V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6)
which stream has a stronger response to object location?
which stream has a phasic response to objects?
which stream has stronger perceptual learning?
which stream has stronger luminance contrast?
the medial temporal cortex is associated with perception of what?
the superior temporal sulcus is associated with what?
this area is associated with face perception
this area is associated with perceiving bodies
which branch of the dorsal stream deals with space/depth perception? dorso-dorsal or ventro-dorsal?
what does the other stream deal with?
which part of the brain responds to coherence?
Which stream is termed the 'What' stream?
biological motion made by placing lights in specific places on a person.
this type of motion takes place with point-light walkers
when this type of stimulation is applied to STS it causes a decrease in ability to detect biological motion
removing medial temporal area prevents this type of discrimination
removing inferior temporal area prevents this type of discrimination
Disorder of visually guided movements of the arms towards a goal with damage to dorso-dorsal stream
term for a condition that results from a lesion in dorsal stream that prevents you from seeing movement
Lesion in ventro-dorsal stream especially on the right side will cause
a condition where there is Impaired performance in learnt movement
the illusion with the arrows where the arrow heads are facing different ways is called

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