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if your right optic nerve has a lesion then you have
if your optic chiasm has a lesion then you have
if your optic tract has a lesion then you have
the first synapse that occurs in the visual pathway occurs in the
if there are lesions in the optic radiations then you have
name this pathway: retina optic nerve -> lgn -> primary visual cortex -> frontal eye field -> oculomotor nerve nucleus -> III nerve -> (i can't write this one or it will be obvious
the pathway that ends with the pupillary muscles is called the:
the LGN has this type of pattern
term for 'mapping of the retina'
the LGN uses these layers for the ipsilateral eye (separate numbers by commas)
are P fibres small or large in diameter?
what does P stand for?
what does M stand for?
this type of reticular formation is important for arousal, attention and learning
descending reticular formation is important for:
these allow continuous flow of information
these control the things that allow continuous flow of information
in the 'fast loop' the retina transfers information to the pulvinar which will then transfer information to the:
the pulvinar is important in this type of 'blindsight'
pulvinar is rapidly activated when this type of face is presented
alignment of biological rhythms to ambient light-dark cycles
the third photoreceptor of the retina
the melatonin is produced by this gland
near the fovea are there more M or P cells?
type 1 cells in the LGN see contrast between these 2 colours
because it is organized in layers, the primary visual cortex can be called the ______ cortex
columns whose sections respond to different orientations of a bar
columns that are organized by alternating areas that correspond to left eye and right eye
A 1-millimeter block of striate cortex representing: All orientations Both the eyes
cells that are sensitive to orientation movement or movement direction
neurons that responded best to bars of particular orientation, direction of movement, and length of bar are called

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