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Can you name the sensory processes terms?

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transduction of light into nerve impulses
a large protein that is a component of the visual pigment moleucule
a light sensitive molecule that is a component of the visual pigment molecule
when retinal changes shape it is called
This many visual pigment molecules need to be isomerized to activate a rod receptor
if 100 photons are coming towards the eye, how many will be absorbed by the visual pigment?
isomerization triggers an __________ ___________
retinal + opsin = ?
opsin has 7 of these
because retinal is sensitive to light, it is known as the '_________'
in the light, will retinal be 'cis' or 'trans'?
the cascade is said to begin with this form of rhodopsin:
retinal is stored in the ________ layer
transducin is also called a __ __________
when transducin is activated, it will then activate __________
This holds the channel open for cations to enter when phototransduction is not occuring
when cations can no longer enter the membrane, the membrane becomes ____________
dim light vision
bright light vision
first rise in light sensitivity in the dark-adaptation curve takes this many minutes
second rise in light sensitivity in the dark-adaptation curve takes this many minutes
what contributes more to dim light vision - rods or cones?
The Basic _______'s Rhodopsin Cycle
to test cone adaptation shine light directly on this part of the eye:
to test rod adaptation you must use a ____ ___________
cone pigment regenerates in this many minutes
rod pigment takes over this many minutes to regenerate
rod pigment absorbs best at ____ nm
(S) wavelength cone pigment absorbs best at ______ nm
(M) wavelength cone pigment absorbs best at ______ nm
(L) wavelength cone pigment absorbs best at ______ nm
absorption of all cones equals the peak of _____ nm in the spectral sensitivity curve
enhanced sensitivity to short wavelengths during dark adaptation when the shift from cone to rod vision occurs
night blindness
night blindness results from a deficiency of this:
area covered by a sensory neuron
the only neurotransmitter of rods and cones is
do rod or cone bipolar cells respond to increments of light?
name the four places where lateral inhibition is found in the visual system. do not use short forms, separate with a comma.
dense, presynaptic plate-like bodies that contain a high concentration of neurotransmitter vesicles
rods have this many ribbons
cones and bipolar cells have this range of ribbons
Most common hereditary blindness-deafness-vestibular disorder due to defective ribbon synapses
stratification of ON OFF ganglion cell dendrites occurs in the developed retina in this layer
protrusions of dendritic spines of horizontal cells that quickly react within minutes of dark adaptation within their cone synapses are called
the summed up electrical activity of the retina is measured with an
there are two electrodes that are used with an electroretinogram. name one.
blindness without clearly discoverable lesion in the eye structures
Genetic disease where rods are destroyed first
disease where fovea and small surrounding area are destroyed

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