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Ancient Erosion surface
______ Biota, the oldest known fossilized animals found in Canada
Formation exposed in B.C. with an extremely rich fossil record
mountains that were formed when Atlantic Provinces collided with North America
mountains that were formed when the Pacific Provinces collided with North America
Location of lots of dinosaur fossil
Layer 1 underneath Ontario (lowest layer)
Layer 2 underneath Ontario (second lowest layer)
Layer 3 underneath Ontario (second to top layer)
Layer 4 underneath Ontario (top layer)
2 specific rocks in the basement layer
The area where two continental plates have joined together through continental collision
long tracks of highly deformed rock, caused by the engagement of tectonic plates (no subduction)
suture zone that Hamilton is near (acronym)
This many years ago Southern Ontario was covered in ice
This many years ago the ice retreated from southern Ontario
lake that covered Toronto
Locally referred to as the 'mountain'
Name the formation: thinly bedded, well jointed dolostone with chert
Name the formation: dolomitic shale with thin bedded argillaceous dolostone
Name the formation: thick, single bed of light coloured dolostone; few joints, bioturbation
Name the formations: compact dolostone with minor beds of shale, basalt that contains pyrite, glauconite, casts of brachiopod
Name the formation: Thick unit of grey sandstone and shale, with ripple marks and cross bedding
a small overflow-type dam that slows down the velocity of the river
a cage filled with rocks that prevents erosion of bank by absorbing the energy of the river flow
To create an overhang by eroding lower layers of rock
displacement and mixing of sediment particles by animals or plants
chemical changes in a rock that occur after lithification
a small cavity in a rock that occurs when calcium is replace by magnesium found in the lockport formation
present in the Ancaster Member but not the Gasport member of the Lockport formation, and made of silica

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