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thick assemblage of sediments, often lens-shaped in profile, eroded and deposited landward of a mountain chain
rocks fused into glass by shock waves
an organic gemstone
what a crinoid is topped with
What we term the Late Permian extinction - the greatest diversity loss of all extinctions
what element was found in 30x its normal concentration at the K-T boundary?
what a crinoid attaches itself to the sea floor with
term for trace fossils of trilobites
what percent of the global nickel supply does Canada provide? (enter with numerals, no percent sign)
oldest part of modern continents
orogeny associated with the building of the supercontinent Rodinia
Name of the earliest recognizable North American continent
glassy particles formed during impact when molten rock is ejected
country with largest meteorite crater
term for anthropods with calcereous skin
Orogeny associated with the close of the Iapetus ocean
place where oldest Ediacaran fossils can be found
large accumulations of mafic igneous rock accumulated in a short time interval (ie. areas of extensive basalt flows)
Where would the asteroid that caused the K/T extinction have hit?
Term for shallow inland seas
what did charles walcott discover?
term for tiny skeletal pieces
Name of Formation with the earliest glacial deposits
cones with a distinctly conical shape
term for exposed part of a craton
name of crater like structure that is attributed to having been caused by the asteroid that caused the K/T extinction
ancient micro-continent added to another piece of crust
Name of second largest crater (it is located in Canada)

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