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topographic features in which thick successions of sedimentary rock accumulate
the state of gravitational equilibrium between the earth's lithosphere and asthenosphere
gaps in geologic record
name the type of unconformity: layers above and below the unconformity are parallel to one another
ame the type of unconformity: younger beds overlie tilted or folded beds
ame the type of unconformity: younger beds overlie much older metamorphic or plutonic rocks
subdivision of sedimentary successions into sequence bounded by erosional surfaces
fine-grained silica-rich microcrystalline
age of the earth in billions of years? (use numerals)
age of the oldest rocks in billions of years? (use numerals)
amount of time life has been present on earth in billions of years? (use numerals)
the study of ancient lifeforms and fossils
process by which cavities are filled with silica/calcium carbonate/iron
term for replacement of original substance with mineral matter
term for the process by which soft tissues are replaced by carbon
an iridescent aragonite
study of trace fossils
disturbance of sediments by organisms
rocks that formed from cooling magma, rich in iron and magnesium
number of years ago (in billions of years) that earliest ocean crust formed (use numerals)
what rock is ocean crust is made from?
is ocean crust felsic or mafic?
what rock is continental crust made from?
is continental crust mafic or felsic?
did lava rich in iron, magnesium and calcium erupt early or late from a magma body?
did lava rich in sodium, potassium and silica erupt early or late from a magma body?
percent composition of oxygen of the modern atmosphere (use numerals)
term for the process by which water molecules split by UV radiation in upper atmosphere
the process that was volumetrically more significant in oxygen build up
organic structures formed by trapping sediment on bacterial mats
formations that consist of cherts and iron rich layers and indicate presence of oxygen in the atmosphere
these released iron at mid ocean ridges
at 4.4 billion years ago, this mineral had a stable oxygen isotope ratios
the release of a gas that was dissolved, trapped, frozen, absorbed or adsorbed in some material
type of meteorite with water
the organism that was found in the oldest fossil
flawed experiment that simulated the conditions on early earth
bacteria that live in rocks
single celled microorganisms
an organism that thrives in extremely hot environments
oldest fossils are from this location in Australia
microscopic algal fossils used for correlation
this type of fauna contained soft bodies animals in complex forms (discoidal, frondlike)
where are the oldest life forms in canada found?

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