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Loose solid particles formed by weathering or erosion of pre- existing rocks or by chemical precipitation from solution
the decrease in rock volume due to weight of overlying sediment
the binding of grains together with carbonate or silica
Term for process of changing sedimentary rocks after lithification
rock produced when magnesium takes the place of calcium in a limestone
these spaces are caused by a decrease in rock volume
standardized scale used to measure grain size
this shape indicates that a boulder was moved by glacial transport
rolling or jumping of grains across a bed
sedimentary structure produced by dunes
sedimentary structure produced by flat bed
name a feature that indicates subaerial exposure
oscillatory flows form this type of ripple
depth at which water movement is negligible
depth beneath average daily waves
depth beneath storm waves
this type of current results in graded beds
a sequence that describes a classic set of sedimentary beds deposited by a sediment-water turbidity current
groups of facies genetically related to one another
event during which sea level rises relative to the land and the shoreline moves toward higher ground
event during which areas of submerged seafloor are exposed above the sea level
a barrier that builds seawards by progradation of beach ridges and shoreface deposits
currents that cause rolling and saltating grains, and that also cause settling of suspending sediment
term for grain size of sediment that can be transported
Fan shaped fluvial bodies
ephemeral lakes where you find precipitation of evaporites
a poorly sorted deposit
general environment where you find poorly sorted deposits
term for area where bodies of sediment are deposited because a stream enters a standing body of water
environment below low tide mark
environment at the steepest part of the beach with lots of wave action
environment landward of a beach, where sand that has been blown inland will form dunes
underwater plain on the deep ocean floor

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