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QUIZ: Can you name the facts about the doge meme?

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Google "doge" if this quiz confuses you. You won't regret it.
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In August 2012, 'F*** Yeah Doge,' the first doge single topic blog, was launched on this website
Year in which 'doge' was first used to refer to a dog
Font used in most of the memes
Internet currency based on the meme that reached a peak value of $400.80 per coin
Website that implemented an Easter egg when someone searches 'doge meme'
Popular use of the meme that features the doge picture, along with expressions like 'such trubble,' 'so scare,' and 'much reward'
The style of the meme (i.e. a picture with the subject's thoughts written on the image)
Country in which certain chiefs of state were referred to as 'doges' long before the meme was created
Voted the top meme of 2013 in a poll by this website
Breed of dog most commonly featured in the meme

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