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Can you name the Can you name all the transformers rid characters??

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Red and Blue
Black and Yellow
Rule freak
Master's pet!
also Master's pet!
Ancient hunter for Primus
Minicon with faulty hiring-spyering- WIRING!
The incredibly handsome diino booooot!
Little human
Big human
Medic's minicon/partner
Cunning wolf con
Firefly con leader of decepticon island
Illumination, through acceleration! YOU SAID IT BOSS!
Scorpion co-leader of decepticon island
Fixit's old friend
Grim thought he could be his minotour
Windblade caught him just before she met Slick
He ate Newon City!
Grasshopper con
Fights dirty against Drift
Creepy crab con
'I was a BOSS on Cybertron!'
Drains energon from bots
leads an army of 'pewee push-overs'
fights fair, is very loyal and talks posh
An arena champion con
Common shiny theif
Really old friend of Bumblebee and Sideswipe's idol!
First minicon ever and teaches OP in the realm of the Primes
One of Fractures minicons
Weird lobster con
Spider combiner-con
another of Fractures minicons
The ancient evil Primus sensed
An apparent 'Hero of the Revolution'
Quillfire's minicons
Quillfire's minicons
Set on finding 'Doradus, and the Fountain of Energon'
An actor con who has a history with Bumblebee
Bisk's minicon
Simacore's minicon
A cyclone minicon
Scorponok's minicon
Scorponok's minicon
A minicon with control over extreme temperatures
A minicon with control over extreme temperatures
Bisk's minicon
A shark con
Groundpounder's Manager/Partner
Soundwave's minicon
The leader of the Skunkticons
A micro decepticon that controls through a bite
A nocturnal bat con which feeds off energon
Polarbear con
'Worm-bot' (ok it's Ped!)
Octopus con
A super shadow spy con!
A cyclone minicon
An enforcer
Megatron's right hand con
A crazy smart monkey obsessed with science!
ALSO an enforecer
Simacore's minicon
Creepy snake con constantly working on Cyber-graphting
Queen with a hypnotizing toxin!

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