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The circle of life; an ape terrorizes NYC
Ruthless oil man; Leo hunts for a priceless gem
Modern 'Shrew'; A couch surfer turned into a motivational speaker
The rain in Spain falls neatly on two dogs sharing spaghetti
Travolta and Alley have a verbos canines; 4 women remember one summer from their childhood
A princess lives with dwarfs; Beckinsale solves an icy murder
An inner city girl learns how to spell; Seinfeld is all abuzzz
Goldblum gives 'them' a virus; a museum freezes over
Depp takes care of a handicapped brother; A family escapes the Great Depression
Fairies show a dark magical land from a children's book; 4 children walk through a closet and discover a new world
Jet Li is a superhero who must kill himself ; Nurse Ratched makes quite the impression
Two highscool boys go on an adventure for booze and girls; Thornton brings a bitter Holiday cheer
Can you handle the truth?; Will Smith makes this look good...
Danger Will Robinson!; Danger Michael Jordan's Career!

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