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Can you name the Pokemon owned by Rusty from the Dorkly series Pokemon Rusty?

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Named after his hero's favorite pokemon. The professor thought it was a paperweight
The most sociopathic pokemon ever seen, and knows how to use handguns
Keep the memory of 'PIKACHU' alive
To bad he caught himself instead of the shiny one
What kind of trainer would he be if he didn't catch em' all?
Has a birth defect, I think he caught the first one
Deliver this to the professor, its down the road and is the ONLY OTHER HOUSE IN TOWN
Threw him into the tree to 'victory' using Streng-th
Mushroom bug used flash
They enjoy the professor's scent
It was gelato :(
He now knows flying types are weak against roller coasters
Growlithe is weak against bone types
Incinerated by a Growlithe
Weak against Camrys
Crushed by Snorlax in a stacker blarttle
Crushed by Snorlax in a stacker blarttle
Crushed by Snorlax in a stacker blarttle
He definitely did not leave a pokeball at the Poke Center

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