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Can you name the Most googled celebrities of 2010 (1 clue per celebrity)?

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How Many Hits & CluesCelebrity (Might be more than 1)Rank
5,000,000:In oceans 11, 12 & 13 and heart throb10.
6,120,000:Star of Friends & in movie 'Valentine's Day'9.
9,140,000:Singer of 'Breakaway' & Star of 'The Parent Trap'8.
11,100,000:Singer of controversial performance at the AMA's & Star of film 'Salt' & Heiress of many famous hotels7.
20,400,000:Producer of Roc-a-fella records more known for singing now6.
30,400,000:Singer of song 'Papa don't preach' & Rihanna's ex.5.
37,200,000:Controversial Pop star of song 'Break the ice'.4.
45,500,000:Country singer of ' Teardrops on my guitar.'3.
68,000,000:Ex-member of Destiny's child & Singer of 'Can't be tamed2.
151,000,000:Died in August 2009 & 'Crazy' pop star of peculiar costumes.1.

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