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Can you name every DBZ character ever?

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Emperor Pilaf Saga
World Tournament Saga
Red Ribbon Army Saga
General Blue Saga
Commander Red Saga
Fortuneteller Baba Saga
Crane School Saga
King Piccolo Saga
Saiyan Saga
Planet Namek Saga
Garlic Jr. Saga
Android Saga
Majin Buu Saga
God of Destruction Saga
Black Star Dragon Ball Saga
Super Android Saga
Shadow Dragon Saga
The World's Strongest Saga
The Tree of Might Saga
Super Namekian Saga
Cooler's Revenge Saga
Super Android Saga
The Legendary Super Saiyan Saga
The Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans Saga
Galaxy Soldiers Saga
Fusion Reborn Saga
Wrath of the Dragon Saga
The Father of Goku Saga

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