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This actress, famous for her role in Moonstruck and other films, had a cousin who ran for President.
At 6'4', who was the tallest US President?
Name the abstract expressionist painter who died in an alcohol related car accident at 44.
Recorded by the original artist, John Prine, in 1971, this song did not gain popular notoriety until Bonnie Raitt covered it in 1975.
NASA's space shuttle named what tragically disintegrated during re-entry on February 1st, 2003?
Though they share this name, the 1975 Robert Altman film, and the current TV show are unrelated.
This masculine given name is the French form of Peter.
What specific kind of fruit is used to make Manischewitz best-known wine?
The foreseeing care and guidance of god are described in what two word phrase?
What is the theme of this round?

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