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What late-'80s TV police drama gave us James 'Sonny' Crockett and his t-shirt-under-Armani-jacket style?
What 1999 Adam Sandler film, his last before starting Happy Madison Productions, had the tag line 'Once you adopt a kid, you've got to keep him'?
What actor had his first film role in 'Prizzi's Honor' but became known in the 1996 film 'Big Night' and the 2006 film 'The Devil Wear's Prada'?
What ubiquitous chain restaurant, which has a massive menu despite its name, also is the workplace of two characters on 'The Big Bang Theory'?
What is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea?
What phrase, which translates from French to English as 'white card', means full access?
What song recorded by Miley Cyrus was a cover of a 1988 glam metal power ballad?
Starting in the late 1980s and continuing today, many cruise lines use what phrase to publicize LGBT gatherings on board?
What 81-year-old Italian actor, long considered a sex symbol, had her first starring role in 'Aida' in 1953?
What is the theme of this quiz?

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