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QUIZ: Can you name the things that I can spell correctly now thanks to Sporcle quizzes?

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ClueCorrect Spelling
Played from 1961 - 1983 with the Red Sox
Plays currently for the Dallas Mavericks
Played much of his career for the Cincinnati Reds
Country name that has become a running gag in many quizzes and comment entries
Safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers (injured for much of 2009)
Pittsburgh Steelers QB accused of some 'misconduct' in the offseason
The Terminator and Governor of Cal-i-forh-ni-uh
White Sox Pitcher who threw a perfect game in 2009
ClueCorrect Spelling
Journeyman Utility IF ('95 - current) that currently plays with the Indians
Former Bengals receiver now with the Seahawks
Duke's basketball coach for the last 30 years
1B who kept the ball after the Red Sox '04 World Series win until forced to give it up
Element with the atomic number 42 and the symbol Mo
White Sox catcher who has also done some wrestling. Has somewhat of a reputation for being a jerk.
U.S. state whose capital is Hartford

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