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Can you name the battles of the Napoleonic Wars??

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DateBattleMiscellaneous Hints
September-December 1793Napoleon appointed artillery commander
May 10 1796Austrians driven out of Lombardy
January 14 1797Austrian army annihliated, Napoleon takes Mantua
July 21 1798Mameluke Casualties: 3000; French: 29
August 1-3 1798Horatio Nelson makes his first appearance
June 14 1800Napoleon pulls a Hannibal and smashes Austrians
October 16-19 1805Tens of thousands of Austrians surrender
October 21 1805Franco-Spanish fleet wiped out by Nelson
December 2 1805Napoleon's finest hour
DateBattleMiscellaneous Hints
October 14 1806Prussia shut down for 7 years
February 7-8 1807Stalemate in the snow
June 14 1807Ended the War of the Fourth Coalition
July 5-6 1809Napoleon ends War of the Fifth Coalition
September 7 1812Napoleon defeats Russians a few days march from Moscow
October 16-19 1813Largest battle in history prior to World War 1
June 16 1815Napoleon's last military victory
June 18 1815Napoleon met his ___________ here

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