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Forced Order
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China Climate
Cfa, Cwa 
BWk, BSk 
Dwa, Dwb, Dwc 
Am, Aw 
Where do you find Chinese minerals?
NE China; substantial minderals like coal, iron, bauxite, lead, molybdenum, zinc, limestone 
Oil & some coal 
Coal & oil 
Coal & oil 
Coal, Oil, Gas 
Chinese Leading Minority Groups
N & NE 
N & NE 
N & NE & NW 
N & NE 
W & SW 
1770-1120 BC; walled cities & Bronze Age 
1120-221 BC; consolidation & expansion southward 
221-207 BC; opened for settlement from Chang to Xi rivers; Great Wall completed 
207BC-220AD; most formative in history; brought unity & stability; explanded China to Korea, Mongolia, Xinjiang, & Annam 
618-907; Golden Age of China; age of painting, sculpture, poetry; printing introduced 
960-1279; world's most advanced society; capital moves; paper money, commerce, literature, schools & art 
1279-1368; Mongols gain control of China; establish what is now Beijing as their capital 
1368-1644; restoration of China's greatness; used of 'Silk Road' ended 
1644-1911; last of dynasties;  
China Agriculture
North China is world leader 
North China is world leader 
North China is world leader 
South South is world leader 
Leading ports
2nd busiest in world 
3rd busiest in world 
4th busiest in world 
6th busiest in world 
7th busiest in world 
9th busiest in world 
System basically translates to letters vs. symbols 
makes the 'sh' sound 
makes the 'ch' sound 
Who's got dibs on what
country annexes Ryuku Islands & Formosa 
country acquires Macao 
country leases Qingdao 
country gains influence at Zhanjiang 
country leases Liaodong & railroad rights 
Blood spills
1839-42; Britain ended Chinese sovereignty; China gave Hong Kong to Britain; China forced to open 5 ports  
1856-58; China's very existence threatened; Principle of extraterritoriality applied, especially in Britain 
1894-95; further eroded China's ability to govern 
1900; China revolts against all outsiders; international force was required to restore order 
Power struggle for China
between these 3 groups 
between these 3 groups 
between these 3 groups 
Special Economic Zones (SEZ's)
original sites 
original sites 
original sites 
original sites 
newer SEZ's 
newer SEZ's 
newer SEZ's 
newer site, next to Shanghai; most successful 
next to Hong Kong; most successful 

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