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Hintanswerextra info
revolution, bevor du gehst, echo
seek n strike, back to the primitive jumpdafuckup
waste, isolated, searching for home
pain, end of everything, don't be afraid
debonaire, bitch, nothing here for me
change in the house of flies, digital bath, hexagram
dig, happy, forget to remember
crawling, lying from you, papercut
what comes around, how can i live, i am loco
bodies, all over me, sinner
beat the world, melt me down, dehydration
burnt, fired, butter
nanu, diary of a serial killer, insane in the brain
whatever, i stand alone moon baby
sweet oblivion, foolish pride, bitter
down with the sickness, a perfect insanity, indestructible
self medicate, taxi cab confession, rope
wait and bleed, eyeless, duality
mudshovel spleen, just go
holy man, a more violent approach, reclaim calm
b.y.o.b, aerials, sugar
misunderstanding, all the time i bled, my destination
loyalty, a violent reaction, never get caught
bleeder, murder is masturbation, ether
freak on a leash, blind, here to stay
rhythm stealer, iron mic, caboose
punishment, tales from the hard side, sellout
push it, the only, cold
Hintanswerextra info
ressurection, cars, replica
pure hatred, the flame, power trip
this time, from the inside, needles
toxic, darkside, lollipop porn
open your eyes, don't turn back on me, break the line
bad company, wrong side of heaven, hard to see
feed, waffle, denial
buried alive, confrontation, tric
sweet dreams (are made of this), the reflecting god, the beautiful people
brackish, spit, charlotte
living dead girl, superbeast, dragula
from this day, crashing around you, davidian
killing in the name, down rodeo, people of the sun
put your lips to the tv, evil, spy hunter
awake and alive, hero, monster
youth of the nation, bullet in the blue sky, tribal
getting away with murder, last resort, change or die
cowboys from hell, cemetery gates, 5 minutes alone
sun doesn't rise, simple survival, solitaire unraveling
payback, get up again, wait for me
loco, big truck, sway
phenomenon, rawkfist, this is a call
falling apart, rescue me, anthem
give me more, backwards, bruised
loose, big **** you, this life
give me more, backwards, bruised
turn me on mr deadman, across the nation, killing the fly

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