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metallica, slayer, exodus
cannibal corpse, dying fetus, devourment
iron maiden, black sabbath, grim reaper
korn, slipknot, disturbed
anthrax, motorhead, judas priest
deicide, obituary, morbid angel
napalm death, anal ****, carcass
venom, overkill, cradle of filth
dillinger escape plan, fall of troy
limp bizkit, rage against the machine, p.o.d.
biohazard, skeletron, 3 inches of blood
hammerfall, helloween, northern kings
tool, opeth, periphery
ministry, godflesh, rammstein
HintAnswerextra info
van halen, kiss, W.A.S.P.
suicide silence, bring me the horizon, born of osiris
pantera, machine head, lamb of god
lacuna coil, marilyn manson, my dying bride
six feet under, debauchery, the cumshots
in flames, death, dark tranquility
candlesmass, anathema, saint vitus
buzzoven, mastodon, neurosis
kyuss, electric wizard, melvins
rob zombie, faith no more, a perfect circle
fantomas, ulver
primus, mr. bungle, system of a down
killswitch engage, trivium, a static lullaby

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