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Forced Order
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begining lyricending lyric
There's no money
only obsessions
take my money
I just want
loud and clear
comin' from within man
it's about a revolution
and in yo mind
the conclusion
diamond rings get you nothin'
and your pocket book
you're a slave
workin' jobs
for that ****
it's too bad
based on greed
stop thinkin'
start thinkin' bout
there's no
only obsession
**** take my
take my possessions
I don't need that
is nothing
is in everything
begining lyricending lyric
just a **** up
and the blood that
flip it inside out it's
take your money
fill the void
and learn
the heart
the life
there's no money
only obsessions
**** take my money
take my obsession
press your clothes
clock in
just can't win
own you now
take my possession
I don't need that ****
**** your possession
I don't need that ****
I don't need

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