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Now when you choose a law career
There's that joke you're bound to hear,
Ignore that,
Only some of you will turn out sharks,just some
Our topic is blood in the water
Law school is a waste,
Blood in the water
you're nothing until the thrill of the kill
Mr Schultz, hypothetical question
A kind old grandma took her savings and she sent it
Well he promised to invest it, yet he spent it
No, I wouldn't want to take that case!
Grandma's old she'll have some hack from Legal Aid
Your guy goes free and he can get you high and laid!
Only spineless snobs,
Yes blood in the water
Ms Hupes, hypothetical question
Say they offer you a bundle for defending,
Seems he missed his chosen prey
Running over three cute puppies in the street
Oh you lesbians think you're so tough!
Oh dear I fear my comment has offended
Your employment will be very quickly ended
So what's my point?
I hire four new interns every year,
And those four will have a guaranteed career
So I wanna see what?
Let the games begin
But just those four with a dorsal fin
So fight and scratch and
Yes miss uh
Someone's had their morning coffee
Oh, I wanted to answer the puppy question
Okay, who assigns reading for the first day of class?
Ms Kenzington, let's say you teach a class at Harvard Law School
But a girl on whom you call hasn't read the case at all
No I'd throw her out
You have just been killed
Yes you've got guts but now they're spilled
So would you please withdraw?
Or is that unfair?
That's just how I rule
With fear and shock and gall
Blood in the water
Blood in the water
Blood in the water
Blood in the water
Blood in the ater

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